Last year, Starfucker (or STRFKR for short) released its impressive  sophomore album Reptilians, a trippy endeavor that showed some interesting growth since their 2008 self-titled debut. Dare I say, they sound like what Pink Floyd might have if they had gone the synthy-dreamy route.

Bassist Shawn Glassford, above far right, took a few moments to talk about their first show ever at the San Francisco Eagle, how they might fare at our own Dallas Eagle and whether he would top or bottom for Ryan Gosling.

Read our Q&A after the jump. Then catch them at The Prophet Bar tonight with Painted Palms and Alexico.

Dallas Voice: The story is you got your start at the Eagle in San Francisco. Dallas has an Eagle that’s for the leather set. Would you ever play that?  Glassford: Yeah, the Eagle show in SF was a special one for us. That was our very first show in SF, which feels kind of like a hometown now. It was really natural for us to play in a bear bar, since we frequently wore drag and cute little dresses while playing. I think I got groped quite a bit that night, and saw plenty of dicks by the end of the night once the bartenders got drunk enough. It was pretty awesome! Sadly, the SF eagle has closed down after 40-plus years. Probably fated to be new condos or some bullshit. I’m glad we got to play there. The Dallas Eagle might be a good spot for a DJ set, but I don’t think we’d fit into the Eagle now, being a five-piece and all.
What would you wear if playing our Eagle? Better yet, what would you take off?  I like fishnets. They can be torn.
The gays love the dance/electro/pop genres. What do you think your impression has been on gay audiences?  I don’t really think about our audience as being or gay or not, so I haven’t thought about it. I feel like we have a very diverse fan base. All I can hope for, is that when people are at our shows, they can enjoy themselves together and feel safe and respect each other. Positive vibes and all that. And I would love to think that someone out there has been inspired to wear drag because of us.
Love it! What track on Reptilians do you really want people to pay attention to?  I would say the interlude between “Mystery Cloud” and “Death As A Fetish.”
Done. OK, which stars do you want to fuck? Top or bottom?  I think me and my girlfriend could have a pretty hot three-way with Johnny Depp. Or Ryan Gosling, of course. And I’ve never understood the top or bottom issue. BOTH, of course!
Since that first Eagle show, how has your live performance grown?  We have a different lineup now with five people. And we finally have a sound guy and a roadie/good vibe technician. It’s turned into a big ol’ family now. We love each other.