Elizabeth Hasselbeck

The folks at Fancast.com recently interviewed “The View” resident conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and came away with some surprising answers.

I don’t watch “The View.” For one reason, it’s on during the day when I’m at work. But I admit I still have a, well, let’s say “less-than-favorable” opinion of Hasselbeck, thanks to things I’ve read about her and video clips I’ve seen of her on the show.

But after reading her interview at Fancast, I admit I may have misjudged her. For instance, she tells Fancast that she actually supports same-sex marriage, and that while she believes life begins at conception, she also believes the government shouldn’t be telling women what to do with their bodies.

I’m not saying I’m going to start DVR-ing “The View” or that I am gonna run out and join the Elizabeth Hasselbeck Fan Club. But from now on, maybe I won’t be so quick to judge public figures based on sound bites and video clips.