UPDATE: According to Ellen’s Twitter from five minutes ago (3:26 p.m. now), “Jeannie is at Sewell GMC in Dallas right now. You know what that means. (It means big prizes).”

First Oprah and now, Ellen?

I found these mysterious tweets just now on The Ellen Show’s Twitter feed. I wonder what the deal is. Hard to tell if she’s in (or coming to) town or what but she clearly wants us to follow. These are as of 8:45 p.m. Monday night. Here are the posts starting with the latest:

My tweets MIGHT be going to Dallas tomorrow…and there MIGHT be awesome prizes involved…I’m just saying. About 1 hour ago from web

If you are in (or near) Dallas, it’s a good idea to be following me on twitter… About 2 hours ago from web

True or false: I’m gonna be sending tweets to Dallas tomorrow…Guess you’ll have to wait and see. About 3 hours ago from web

Hey Dallas – the city, not the TV show – watch for my tweets tomorrow. About 4 hours ago from web

Attention followers: We’re planning the biggest giveaway in the history of Twitter. Get your friends to follow me NOW & stay tuned. About 6 hours ago from web

Clearly, she’s a tweeting maniac. Stay tuned.
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