For reasons I don’t fully understand, Neil Emmons and Jeff Strater aren’t the best of friends. But according to The Dallas Morning News, the two openly gay Dallas city plan commissioners were in full agreement today. The DMN reports that Emmons and Strater were the driving force behind the Plan Commission’s surprise vote against changing the name of Industrial Boulevard to Riverfront Boulevard. Meanwhile, Strater reportedly urged the commission to change the name of Industrial Boulevard to Cesar Chavez. You can read all about it here.

UPDATE: Strater informs me that he and Emmons actually vote the same about 98 percent of the time and have disagreed rarely in the three years they’ve been on the Plan Commission together. They were also both Hillary Clinton delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought up the fact that they’re not the best of friends, but hey, it made a nice hook! Anyhow, congratulations to Strater and Emmons for trying to block the Riverfront Boulevard idea. How can city officials, in their right mind, conduct a survey on renaming a street and then completely disregard the results? I’m sorry, once you do the survey, you gotta go with it, even if you don’t like the results for whatever reason, including the fact that you may be racist. How the hell you think we got stuck with the name Instant Tea?online rpg mobileконтекстная реклама в яндекс услуги