Richard Hernandez (left), an openly gay man from Dallas, was murdered and dismembered inside his apartment in September. Police later arrested Seth Winder (right), a homeless 29-year-old with a a history of mental illness, and charged him with the crime. They found pornographic images of Winder taken inside Hernandez’s apartment on a camera recovered from his father’s home. It was a particularly, bizarre gruesome crime, and to this day, Hernandez’s full remains have not been found (they probably never will be). So it’s no surprise that A&E has chosen the Dallas Police Department’s investigation of Hernandez’s murder for an episode of “The First 48.” The episode reportedly aired once during the holidays and is scheduled to air again on Jan. 15, according to A&E’s Web site, but you can watch it online now by going here. I watched it the other night, and especially for someone who reported on Hernandez’s murder, it’s fascinating.как узнать рейтинг сайта