Sam Seelbach

The Out & Equal DFW Regional Affiliate elected its officers for 2014 on Nov. 23.

Sam Seelbach, elected to be the new affiliate chair is an analyst with American Airlines.

“I’m excited to continue to support of the fundamental work of Out & Equal,” Seelbach said. “What a beautiful day it will be when everyone is able to bring their whole selves to work. Knowing that teamwork and acceptance are essential tools in creating a productive work environment, we invite you to join us on our journey to equality in the workplace.”

Jeffrey Gorczynski (Citi) is the outgoing chair and remains an officer as chair emeritus.

Paul von Wupperfeld (Texas Instruments) will head communications/marketing and Nell Gaither (Trans Pride Initiative) is incoming treasurer. Von Wupperfeld previously has been an officer of the local organization.

Von Wupperfeld said Out & Equal is looking at locations to bring its national convention back to Dallas possibly as early as 2015. The convention was last held here in 2011.

He said that at a local and national level, companies with a global reach working in countries that are not as friendly and welcoming are looking at what they can do internationally.

He gave as an example Google participating in a Pride march in Eastern Europe.

“Police held back the right wing,” he said, compared to how they treated marchers in a previous parade.

Companies, such as Coca Cola, that are sponsors of the Olympics are holding high level talks with Russian officials because they don’t want their brands tarnished.

He said companies are making sure their policies are global.