IMG_3457At its Dallas conference this week, Out & Equal released its Workplace Gender Identity and Transition Guidelines.

The guidelines detail what a company should know about how to work with an employee transitioning on the job. This manual of best practices helps an HR department plan the transition with the employee.

Among topics addressed are how to answer questions from other employees and customers and what the transitioning employee’s rights are. It discusses healthcare needs and what may or may not be covered by a company’s insurance policy.

The guidelines encourages making transition quite public and inckude a step-by-step guide for the day of the announcement and the first day of full-time work. That first day on the job begins with issuing new identification, name plate, organization charts and email address with the new name.

“The manager should plan to be on site with the worker the first day to make introductions, support the worker, ensure respectful and inclusive treatment and make sure that work returns to normal after a few hours,” the guidelines advise.

For the full transition on the job guidelines, see the pdf on Out & Equal’s website.