In other march-related news, as I was nosing around YouTube last night, I came across this short promotional video for the Equality March 2010 in Dallas. This is the second incarnation of last year’s “Million Gay March,” in which thousands (yes, thousands) braved 100-degree heat to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion — and, as it turned out, get fired up about the Rainbow Lounge raid.

This morning I spoke with organizer Latisha McDaniel of Equality March Texas, who confirmed what is stated at the end of the video — that the event has been moved to October this year.

“We discussed about last year, with the heat and everything, how awful it was,” McDaniel said.  “We decided to have it around National Coming Out Week.”

While organizers have settled on a date, Oct. 16, they’re still working to finalize a route. After being accused of preaching to the choir by holding the march in Oak Lawn last year, McDaniel said the group looked at Oak Cliff, the SMU area and Addison, but is now zeroing in on downtown Dallas as the likely location, possibly followed by a rally at Victory Park.

“A lot of people had concerns that we were basically speaking to our own people, so we’re going to take our message to Main Street,” McDaniel said.

But isn’t Oct. 16 awfully close to September’s Pride celebration?

“Pride is more a of a festive thing. This is more of a march commemorating National Coming Out Week, so I’m not really too worried about it.”

For more info about Equality March 2010, visit the group’s Web site or e-mail

UPDATE: McDaniel says credit for the video goes to Jason Williams, who’s also on her “short list of baby daddies.”продвижение сайтов в одессе