Over on MyOutSpirit.com, in a post titled “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” Azariah Southworth offers a fascinating glimpse inside life on the bus that is Soulforce’s Equality Ride. Southworth says he’ll miss Dallas, where the Equality Ride has spent the last week, but not just because of the dialogue on LGBT issues at local universities:

“Another reason why it is unfortunate is because I met a great guy while we were here. It’s not often I find someone who is responsible, young, gay, a Christian, has values, and a personality. He took me ice skating for the first time on our first date.”

A responsible young gay man with values in Dallas? Who can ice skate? Where in the hell did you meet him, at the Waxahachie jail? Southworth isn’t telling, but he does give us a hint:

“The very last reason why I’m saddened about leaving Texas is because of Buli. It is this FANTASTIC restaurant in the gayborhood of Dallas on Cedar Spring Road. Everyone must go there and try the ‘Tuna Salad Panini’ on the ‘Hippy Health Bread!’ Yum!”

I’m so glad these selfless young activists are willing to make such grave sacrifices on behalf of all of us!сайтчто влияет на сео