Paul Broussard

Equality Texas is calling on people to write letters to Texas parole officials asking them not to release Jon Buice, who brutally murdered gay Houston banker Paul Broussard in 1991. The state parole board voted last week to release Buice, who has served less than half of his 45-year sentence, over the objections of Broussard’s mother, as well as groups including Equality Texas and the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. But Equality Texas says the parole board’s vote isn’t final:

Though the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has granted Buice’s parole as of July 1, there is still time for us to reverse the decision. Parole decisions are made based on several factors, one of them being public input. This is where we need your help: let the State of Texas know that a homophobic, hate-filled murderer deserves to spend more than half of his sentence in prison.

Your help is necessary in the fulfillment of justice; the more letters we send the State of Texas, the more they’ll know just how angry we all are.

To send a letter, go here.