Matt Comer reports:

Equality North Carolina is taking a humorous, positive and proactive approach to their response to N.C. Rep. Larry Brown.

Brown, a Republican who represents portions of Forsyth County and Kernersville, called LGBT people “queers” and “fruitloops” in an email to 60 Republican colleagues last week.

In an email to supporters today, Equality NC responds:

As of this morning, Rep. Brown has not apologized to his LGBT and allied constituents, nor have any of the 60 colleagues who received the e-mail spoken out against his use of bigoted language.

Well, if it’s fruitloops Rep. Brown wants, then that’s what we’ll give him! From now until Monday, October 11th, at 5pm, each donation you make to Equality NC in Rep. Brown’s name will come with a box of Froot Loops cereal to be delivered to his office, complete with your personal message.

Comer thinks Brown should resign:

Rep. Brown, it is time for you to go. Hate and prejudice have no place in public service.

Unfortunately, hate and prejudice against the LGBT communithy are still accepted in public service. It happens in North Carolina. And, as we saw during the debate on DADT repeal, it happens in DC.