Escort_Study_InfoGraphic“Kids are people too,” an old song used to remind us. And male escorts are as well. A recent study, produced in association with the online escort site and New York’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training, polled escorts about what mattered most to them in more than a dozen areas, from marketing their careers to worries about STIs. The results are interesting even if it’s difficult to parse what they mean.

Only three categories were “of interest” to half the respondents or more: Attracting and keeping the “right” kind of client (65 percent), marketing their careers (62.7 percent) and planning financially for the future (52.7 percent).

About 2 in 5 wee concerned with balancing a personal relationship with their careers (44.1 percent), while less than one-third worried about negotiating safer sex with clients (perhaps because they already¬†had a plan … or didn’t think about it at all?), and 16.5 percent were interested in how to “come out” as an escort to family and friends.

Not in the data, which I think probably would interest me the most, is the perceived sexual orientation of the escort, and how that fit in his professional life. Then again, I guess that’s not an interest to the escorts so much as it is to me.