You’d think that Todd Camp and Kyle Trentham would be busy enough with Q Cinema, Q Live! and Q Cinema’s weekly stand-up comedy shows. But noooooo!

The two Cowtown Q chiefs somehow managed to find the time to let their talents shine on stage in an offbeat little play that winds up its run this weekend.

The play, presented by Drag Strip Courage — “Producing the art that others won’t” — is called Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends (A Final Evening with the Illuminati), by Larson and Lee. It is, according to their press release, the story of Reverend Eddie, played by Seth Johnson, who is taunted by his archenemy, the Illuminati, as he waits for death. Trouble is, only Reverend Eddie can hear the Illuminati’s evil whisperings, much to the chagrin of his much-put-upon assistant Brother Lawrence, played by Michael E. Muller.

“The paranoid, pill-popping preacher experiences a handful of hallucinations after he and several townsfolk are exposed to nerve gas, and the audience is allowed insight into his visions as he gives several absurd sermons.”

Todd and Kyle get the fun parts in the play, sounds like to me, since between them they get to play all the nameless characters that populate Reverend Eddie’s hallucinations, including, the press release says, “a person approved for sainthood by a bitchy celestial servant, a pair of country singers on ukeleles and the Apostle Paul re-envisioned as ’70s gay icon Paul Lynde.”

(Todd seemed pretty happy about the fact that he gets to do his Paul Lynde impersonation on stage, by the way.)

The final performances of the show, directed by Justin Flowers, start at 8 p.m. each night Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 15-17, indoors at Arts Fifth Avenue, 1628 5th Ave. in Fort Worth. Tickets are $10. And as an added bonus, Works Old and New — An Exhibit of Artwork by Lake Simons is also on display at Arts Fifth Avenue through July 22.