bio-brian-boitanoFirst it was Johnny Weir. Then Tom Daley. Now, Brian Boitano has come out as gay! When, oh when, will these folks who haven’t fooled anyone stop coming out a coupla years too late?

Well, for Boitano — who won a gold medal for figure skating at the 1988 Winter Games — more like a coupla decades. It’s been an open secret for years.

But the timing makes sense: Just earlier this week, President Obama appointed several openly gay athletes (including Billie Jean King) to serve as the U.S. delegation to the Sochi Olympics in February, a very specific middle-finger to Vladmir Putin’s needlessly draconian efforts to target gays in advance of the games. Boitano was named to the same delegation, so his coming out is meant to underscore the role of gays in sports.