The Sarah Palin event at the Fairmont Hotel on April 30 keeps getting better and better. Just added — conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher will be the “MC.” Mayor Tom Leppert will offer a welcome. And his office wishes I’d stop repeating that.

The evening benefits the non-existent Uptown Women’s Center. The Palin4life Web site no longer claims to be a non-profit organization. We pointed out in our original post that it is not listed as a 501(c)(3) on the IRS Web site.

Uptown Women’s Center still does claim to be a 501(c)(3), although it is not registered with the IRS as a non-profit organization. However, it may be operating under the non-profit status of a downtown anti-abortion organization. I know. They wish I wouldn’t call them that.

Apparently the property they’re threatening to buy on Fairmount Street will be a staging ground for anti-abortion activity in the Oak Lawn area.

Remember, tickets are $10,000 for one, $25,000 for two or $75,000 for four. I like the math. And it’s not a legitimate tax deduction, since they’re not a 501(c)(3), unless they’re having people make the check out to some other organization.

Contact Get Equal and Equality March Texas about any protests planned.

And jot down a note on your hand to make sure to misspell your signs so that people attending the event can read them.siteпродвижение сайта по факту