These were last year’s dates, but the exxxpo is planning to return this year

EXXXotica, the porn expo held last year at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, wants to return to Dallas.

Mayor Mike Rawlings isn’t thrilled. His concern is the exploitation of women. The Dallas City Council was just off on a two-day retreat and apparently they went into executive session to discuss eXXXotica.

I’ll bet.

While the mayor isn’t thrilled about welcoming eXXXotica back, the Dallas Convention Center, unlike the former senator it’s named after, can’t discriminate. So it looks like eXXXotica is coming back to Dallas.

If they’d like to keep the Kay Bailey Hutchison a holy place, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence may be able to help.

“I wonder if they need some Sister volunteers,” Sister Lawna Jocqui asked.

Yes, Lawna, with you there, it would certainly be respectable.

EXXXotica is trying to schedule its event when it would be “least disruptive” to the Kay Bailey Hutchison’s business. In other words, when the facility would otherwise be empty and the city taking in no revenue.

Why Dallas and not Houston?

According to Men’s Health, the gay men’s health magazine for straight men, Dallas is the second most sex-happy city in the country after Austin. The magazine rated cities based on condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales and STD rates.

Of course, when it comes to communicable diseases, we’re No. 1, but how can high condom sales and high birth rates jive? I guess straight guys here are buying lots of condoms and using them wrong or forgetting to put them on in the first place, resulting in lots of unplanned parenthood.

Houston only ranked No. 10.