An online petition has sparked the question of whether Facebook should add a third gender option for gender-variant individuals. You can go to the petition site to sign.

On Google+, users get the option to hide their gender and have the site refer to them as the neutral ‘their’ as opposed to using male or female pronouns. On Facebook, you’ve got two options: innie or outie. If we can have gender-neutral bathrooms, why not gender-neutral Facebook pronouns?

Some have expressed a desire to have multiple gender options available to them, such as pangender, genderless and androgynous, among others. While trying to cover every label in the gender spectrum is a valiant effort, due to the fluidity and ever-changing nature of gender, it seems near impossible to cover every possible gender identity option.

Having a neutral option seems the simplest option available for those whose gender falls under “none of the above” — or perhaps “all of the above.”