This Friday is Day of Silence. Students in more than 8,000 schools across the country will participate. During that day, those who support radical ideas like not bullying LGBT students will remain silent through the day. GLSEN sponsors the nationwide event.

Fox LogoKids quiet in class? All day? Every teacher I know thinks Day of Silence is a great idea and hopes every student will participate.

But not Fox. Fox says that “family advocacy groups” (that’s code for anti-gay groups) use the day to “indoctrinate kids and force a pro-gay agenda.”

Fox suggests that the anti-bullying message could be spread “after school and off-campus.” Because that’s when teachers do most of their teaching and students do most of their learning.

Meanwhile, the American Family Association is urging parents to keep their children out of school that day.

And Fox thinks that’s fine. Because students sitting quietly in class in disruptive and a waste of taxpayer money. But keeping children home from school doesn’t disrupt their learning and doesn’t waste taxpayer money.цена рекламы