Fairness Fort Worth, the organization formed in the wake of the June 28 raid on Rainbow Lounge by agents with the TABC and officers with the Fort Worth Police Department, has just issued a statement in response to the disciplinary actions taken by TABC against those agents.

Here is the statement in its entirety:

“The disciplinary actions announced today by TABC Chief of Field Operations Joel Moreno are fair, proportional and correct. The actions hold the agents and supervisors responsible for their failure to perform their duties in keeping with written policies that are designed to protect both the public and Texas’ professional public safety officers. On June 28th these agents violated multiple departmental policies and failed to exhibit even the most basic standard of professionalism that Texans expect.

“‘The terminations and suspensions announced today are reasonable and appropriate in light of the agents’ significant failure to follow department procedures, failure to report the use of force and failure to report an injury to an arrested person,’ stated Fairness Fort Worth spokesman Jon Nelson. ‘The agents’ misconduct that evening is simply unacceptable and TABC is right to have terminated them.’

“In addition to disciplinary actions, TABC also announced significant changes to departmental operations and training programs.

“‘Fairness Fort Worth appreciates TABC’s strong commitment to instituting changes that result in better trained agents and improvements to services for all Texas communities,’ Nelson.”обслуживание интернет сайтареклама на яндексе цены