By Daniel A. Kusner – Life+Style Editor

Porn giant makes shocking shift with fellatio-orgasm scenes

WELCOMED BACK: Former Falcon exclusive Josh Weston, left, recently ventured into bareback smut with SX Video. In "Fleet Week," he makes a surprising return to Falcon. – FALCON STUDIOS

Unsafer sex in gay porn is only getting more popular. Barebacking is a moneymaker because that’s what consumers are buying. And it appears that bigger studios are being influenced by amateur and smaller studios — the ones that have found financial success by going totally raw.

Advance word had leaked that Falcon was featuring oral cum shots in their newest release, "Fleet Week" ($49.95). Dallas Voice recently received a copy, and the rumors were indeed true. Shot in San Francisco and directed by John Bruno, the four-scene video is about horny sailors on shore leave. Every scene includes performers erupting into another performer’s mouth. The result is shocking. And immediately after the climax, the performers engage in postcoital fellatio.

The shock is because the video is a Falcon Studios product — they’re considered the arbiters of mainstream practices. And it looks like "Fleet Week" has already set the trend: Jocks Studios, also part of the Falcon family, just released "Roadtrip: Big Sur" ($49.95), which also includes raw-oral scenes.

Fleet Week – Falcon Studios

"Fleet Week" also features the return of Josh Weston, who has recently starred in SX Video’s "Bodybuilders Bareback." Previously, it seemed like once a performer had gone condomless, they were banished by Falcon. That’s obviously changed.

Maybe it’s only a question of time: How long before Falcon crosses the great bareback divide?

— Daniel A. Kusner

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 9, 2008.

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