Heather Delgado, the ex-wife of fallen Texas firefighter Thomas Araguz III, held a press conference Thursday (video above) during which she slammed Araguz’s transgender widow, Nikki Araguz:

“She’s all about publicity and it’s been all about her from the beginning. And basically, she needs to understand it’s not only about her,” Delgado said.

Delgado and Thomas Araguz’s parents are trying to block Nikki Araguz from receiving death benefits. They allege that Thomas and Nikki Araguz’s marriage is void because she was born a man.

Earlier this week, The Houston Chronicle reported that Thomas Araguz testified during a deposition in March that he didn’t know his wife was transgender. Thomas Araguz’s deposition was part of a custody dispute involving his two sons with Delgado, who was seeking to keep the boys away from Nikki:

“That deposition is a lie,” Nikki Araguz said from her Wharton home Monday night.

“At the time, Thomas and I thought it was in the best interest of our children to lie. They were the center of (our) lives,” she said.