Melissa Langford

Melissa Langford

A New Orleans woman named Melissa Langford is making international headlines after she got video on Friday, April 22, of a cashier in a New Orleans Family Dollar Store refusing to serve her because she is gay.

In a Facebook post, Langford says she was standing in line, waiting to buy some items to donate to special needs children, listening as the cashier spouted off loudly about gay people are sick and have something wrong with them, and that she has the right to refuse service to them. Finally, Langford said, she spoke up and told the cashier she is gay and was extremely offended by what the woman was saying.

The situation escalated to the point that a man in front of Langford in line spoke up to defend gays, calling the cashier an ignorant bitch. The cashier then walked away, leaving someone else to take over her duties at the register, rather than wait on the lesbian or the man who was defending gay people.

Langford said she has called Family Dollar Store headquarters but had not heard back from them.

Watch the video below.