Farrah Fawcett died today of cancer. She was 62.

That news has broken my heart a bit, It’s hard to lose one of the icons of my teen years, especially to a disease as devastating as cancer.

I know she was a dream sex goddess to thousands, probably millions of young men and teen boys in the 1970s when she hit the big time on Charlie’s Angels, and in that photo of her in the swimsuit on posters and T-shirts everywhere. My best friend Ric had that poster in his bedroom. I wanted that poster in my bedroom. I wanted the T-shirt, too.

Understandable since I was just as much as lesbian when I was a teenager as I am now. Thing is, Ric is now an out and proud gay man, but he probably still would hang that poster over his bed if he could find it.

I know that Farrah Fawcett did a lot of things over the years that made a lot of people look at her as a big joke, and that weird appearance on The David Letterman Show in ’97 didn’t help. But I have always loved her, if for no other reason than I loved her way back then.

So rest in peace, Farrah, from me and all your lesbian fans.

—Tammye Nash

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