The Dallas Morning News has apparently sent fascist conservative columnist Rod Dreher to the GOP convention as a cheerleader. If you’ll remember, last time Instant Tea checked in with Dreher, he was arguing that the legalization of gay marriage in California was a sign of the “new Dark Ages.” Anyhow, Dreher kicked off his trip to St. Paul, which we’re hoping he’ll fall in love with, by interviewing Rob Schlein, president of the Dallas Log Cabin Republicans, aboard their flight. The premise of the interview appears to be that John McCain has made the GOP more inclusive of LGBT people, although no concrete evidence is offered, and McCain’s record on gay issues is not discussed. There’s also no word on whether other passengers who overheard the interview requested oxygen masks. Dreher posted the video, which also has an interesting comments thread, on the DMN’s Web site. You can view it be going here.svenhost.netпроверить тиц и пр сайта