george-and-michelleAs we were putting together our Year in Review issue for next week, I came across my favorite photo of the year.

Dallas Voice Managing Editor Tammye Nash and I attended the Dallas Police memorial at the Meyerson Symphony Center the week five officers were killed. Former President and first lady George and Laura Bush sat between the Obamas and the Bidens on the stage. From our front and center balcony seat, we had a clear view of the stage and Tammye captured this moment of genuine friendship between George Bush and Michelle Obama as well as the reaction by the president and the former first lady to their spouses.

The expression on the first lady’s face as she reacts to a quip by the former president reminds us how much we’ll miss her and just why we love her. And now that the Obamas are going out of office, one thing I will look forward to seeing is how the Obamas and Bushes are going to team up on important issues.