More than 11 inches of rain fell in Dallas in February, a record for the month. That total includes last night’s more than 4 inches, a record for the day.

With that rain comes floods along the Trinity River and reminders of the harebrained scheme to put a toll road under all the water (or over the new fake and yet-to-open suspension bridge). It also makes the Angela Hunt Hill Bridge look like it really needed to be something more than an overpass to cross the usual trickle.

While the Trinity normally rises over its banks once a decade, this is the third year in a row the river bottom has flooded.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with the Trinity when it floods so I ran out and got some pictures in the rain.

(more pictures below)

— David Taffet

Ofo and LimeBike need to pick up their bikes that are littering the river bottoms before the water rises and floats them downstream

This view of the Angela Hunt Hill Bridge shows that the water really hasn’t risen very high — although a toll road would be under water. I was able to walk under the bridge to get a few shots.