A word of caution on marriage

I’m a single gay man so one might think that I have no stake in the current discussion of marriage equality in our country. Of course, I beg to differ. I know and love same-gender couples who have proven with their history over the span of time that their relationships are as stable as heterosexual marriages.

On another level, when the discussion of marriage equality is broadened out to include equality in general, every person in this country, gay or straight, is gathered into the same big tent and that’s when we must certainly all partake equally of the meal.

America really must stop following political and religious leaders down the rabbit hole when they claim that gays and lesbians and our marriages would tear away at the foundation of traditional marriage. Think this through logically rather than emotionally: Each marriage, gay or straight, succeeds or fails on its own merits and lies solely upon the shoulders of those united by it.

I do, however, worry that the young people I see at the rallies may have stars and hearts in their eyes. We must remain clear headed about the seriousness of marriage and keep in mind that there will be no special rainbow exit from it.

Steve Walters

Texas can learn from ‘Crazy Mary’

Thanks for the excellent, sensitive piece about “Crazy Mary” (March 22).  The picture in my mind is Mary, lying on her right side on the DART bench in front of what is now Hunky’s on Cedar Springs, facing JR.’s, her body curled with the worn-out soles of her tennis shoes bent toward me.  I so wished for a camera to capture the 2-inch circle of her dusty dark skin centered and framed by large concentric circles of rubber sole — white and blue.

That picture has been in my mind for years.  I wish I had an actual photo that could be blown up into a giant, obnoxiously brilliant electronic billboard to illuminate the Capitol in Austin and strategic spots throughout Texas.  Our smug “no-new-taxes” voters and their pandering politicians would rather strut and brag.  They feel no shame at Texas’ miserable standing in its care for the mentally ill — or their daily celebration of ignorance toward sex education, women’s health, education and other issues that have gone begging for years.

Yes, “Crazy Mary” is an icon, revealing the way with the soles of her feet for the people of Texas to examine their souls. Mary’s bare feet show the evil and greater expense when sick people are treated inadequately.  The “no new taxes” tribe in the

Legislature and governor’s office must recognize the higher, long-term cost of doing little or nothing to solve serious problems.

We all need to picture Mary’s feet to gain perspective and appreciate a vital concern for the poor and unfortunate.

Woody Wood

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 29, 2013,