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Gay former teacher accused of kidnapping, murdering restaurant owner; 2nd suspect in killing set to go on trial later this year

Jose Felix (left), Edgar Acevedo (right)

The capital murder trial of Jose Alberto Felix, the gay former schoolteacher accused of participating in killing Dallas restaurateur Oscar Sanchez, has been put on hold until Tuesday, Sept. 4, so authorities can conduct further DNA tests on some evidence in the case.

Felix and Edgar “Richie” Acevedo, a gay former waiter at one of Sanchez’ restaurants, have been charged with kidnapping and murder in connection with Sanchez’s death.

The trial recessed on Tuesday, Aug. 28, so prosecutors could have DNA tests conducted on a statuette found in Felix’s home after the murder. Prosecutors said they thought the tests had already been conducted before the trial began.

According to testimony so far, Felix’s handprint was found on the statuette in a substance believed to be Sanchez’s blood. The DNA tests will be used to determine if the substance is blood and if so, if it is Sanchez’s blood.

Sanchez, whose family owns La Calle Doce restaurant in Lakewood and El Ranchito restaurant in Oak Cliff, was abducted during a staged car wreck near his Oak Cliff home on Jan. 18, 2005. The family received a ransom demand, but the kidnappers failed to show up to collect the money.

Five days after Sanchez disappeared, Felix was arrested in Chicago as he attempted to board a plane headed for Mexico, where he allegedly planned to meet Acevedo. Acevedo was arrested in Mexico in October 2005 and extradited to the U.S. in April 2006.

Acevedo is being held on $1.5 million bond as he awaits his own trial in the murder.

Nine days after he was kidnapped and four days after Felix’s arrest, Sanchez’s body was found in a field in South Dallas.

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