cruzsad1Sen. Ted Cruz was at Republican Party headquarters in Fort Worth yesterday making calls for Donald Trump. Even if you never felt sorry for him before, you have to have some empathy for the pain he that, based on some of the photos, he was going through making these calls.

Some of the tweets accompanying these pictures included:

“I, Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz, am being held here against my will. My captors have treated me well, providing regular bread and water…” and “Yes, that same Ted Cruz. Yup, he called my wife ugly. Yes, he did say my dad killed Kennedy. Why am I doing this? Because I hate myself.”

But maybe this sums it up:

“Hi, this is Ted Cruz. Is your refrigerator running? Yes? Vote for it. HAHAHAHATAKETHATTRUMP!”

The photos are by G.J. McCarthy who noted that Cruz had trouble getting a live voice on the line.

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