As I’ve mentioned in the past, I get lots of pitches sent my way. The most frequent, probably, are requests for book reviews. We can’t review everything of interest to the gay community anyway, so I am especially skeptical of ones that waste my time. This may have wasted it more than most:

While many are fighting for the separation of church and state, one man believes that secular humanism is the cause of the unraveling moral fabric of America. In his new book The Pagans Are Revolting, S. D. Lake advances the argument that secular beliefs and practices are eroding the fabric of American moral life and, in turn, destroying the nation itself. Can I send you a copy of The Pagans are Revolting?

I wrote a response, but for good or bad, I didn’t send it immediately. Not sure if I should. Here’s what I wrote:

As a pagan myself, what I find revolting is anyone who declares himself an expert on the moral fabric of anything other than himself. Church and state united creates a theocracy like in many right wing totalitarian regime. Tell your client to sell his brand of crazy to the ignorant masses. People who think for themselves don’t need his misinformed bullshit. So, to answer your question, that’s a no.

Whadaya think? Worth hitting send? Or a further waste of my time and the universe’s electrons?