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Jaime Vasquez is going to help you face those wrinkles in time

Dr. Vasquez consults his patient looking to use Artefill for some line reduction.

Today’s busy gals (and guys) are looking for more than just a grin to take the world by storm. They want a youthful appearance and a frown-turned-upside-down that won’t induce dreaded "smile lines," or nasolabial folds.

It used to be that getting rid of these wrinkles meant invasive surgery (and an airtight alibi to hide recovery time) or fleeting refuge through procedures with temporary effects. But with the introduction of Artefill, the first and only FDA-approved microsphere-enhanced collagen filler, patients are finding permanent solutions to wrinkle woes through a simple, in-office injection.

Temporary fillers before were absorbed over time by the skin and then required upkeep. Artefill consists of collagen gel absorbed by the body while microspheres remain in place to provide the support your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction.

"Our bodies change as we age," says Dr. Jaime Vasquez, one of 19 physicians in North Texas who administer Artefill. "But permanent fillers like Artefill can help keep fullness in the face giving individuals a healthy, younger appearance. And using it in conjunction with other treatments such as Botox can postpone or even eliminate the need for invasive plastic surgery."

Artefill patients are first tested for any allergies. Once they qualify as a candidate, the first injection is done in-office. The injection goes deep into the portion of the skin under the wrinkle and the collagen in Artefill visibly corrects the offending area. People can see results immediately with continued improvement over time. Plus, they can return to normal activities right after. His patients are asked to come back in six weeks for a check up.

Dr. Vasquez has found a beneficial off-label use of the product as it relates to patients suffering from lipoatrophy, the localized loss of fat tissue, brought about by long-term HIV disease.

"We’ve had very good results with these patients in providing a long-lasting solution. Since the effects are permanent, some patients see the results they need in just one treatment, saving them both the cost of ongoing injections and the time of having to come back to the office for a series of treatments," says Vasquez.

Depending upon the physician, cost for Artefill ranges from about $750 to $1200 per syringe. The number of syringes per procedure can vary dependent upon the needs of the patient.

"Artefill is a great motivator. Especially when people are trying to eat right, work out and look their best," says Vasquez. "By using a product like Artefill, they can see immediate results that motivate them to continue to the next level. Temporary fillers have been the norm for years and we have had success with them, but Artefill is in a category all by itself."

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