Sean White

FORT WORTH — When Sean White moved from Chicago to Fort Worth, he knew he wanted to find somewhere that he could volunteer. His mother already lived here, so he asked her if she had any ideas.

His mom had a friend who worked at AIDS Outreach Center of Tarrant County, and since White had already lost a number of friends to HIV, he decided AIDS Outreach would be a great place to volunteer.

“I love doing volunteer work. It’s my way of giving back,” White said. “And I loved volunteering at AIDS Outreach Center. Every time I would leave here, I just felt so fulfilled.”

Then some health problems interfered. First White had to undergo back surgery, and that was followed up by hip surgery.

Now, though, White is back, and just in time for the AOC AIDS Walk on Sunday.

“I can’t do the walk myself because of the surgeries, but I can still help,” he said. “Just sit me at that desk and let me help people check in, or whatever.”

White said the walk is one of AOC’s most important events because it raises awareness of HIV/AIDS, and because it provides an outlet for people who want to do something to help.

“It gives those people who can’t or don’t volunteer a chance to give back. It gives them a chance to remember and to honor the friends and loved ones they have lost, or who are still living with AIDS,” he said. “Sitting there, watching all those people show up to participate in the walk each year, it just gives me such a full feeling. I think everybody should do this.”

— Tammye Nash