This week, as I was going through photos from Chuck Marcelo and John Selig and James Franklin and Dale Holdman from the equality marches held in Dallas and L.A. and D.C., I started thinking back to the Women’s Marches held in January, the day after Trump was inaugurated.

James Comey testified and Jeff Sessions sort of testified before Congress. The Senate is trying to scuttle the ACA and sneak a ridiculously expensive  and ineffective alternative in through the back door. Trump presided over a “Glorious Leader” moment in his first Cabinet meeting. And I woke up Wednesday morning to news of a shooting in Virginia where someone opened fire on Republican congressmen practicing for an upcoming baseball game against Democrats.

And in the midst of it all LGBT people across the country — including here in North Texas — celebrated Pride Month (although the president ignored it) with Equality marches. And we marked the one-year anniversary of the Pulse massacre, remembering those who died and honoring those who survived.

It has been a chaotic couple of weeks. Just like it was a chaotic few days six months ago as riots broke out in the streets of Washington, D.C. and Trump lied about the size of his … inaugural crowd, and hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets — from sea to shining sea — to resist the onset of Trump’s unAmerican regime. The marches over the weekend reminded me of how it felt to be engulfed in that sea of humanity in D.C. on Jan. 20-21, and made me go back and look through photos I took there that weekend. Photos I had never actually sorted through yet.

As I sorted through the photos, choosing my favorites, I realized: We were resisting then, and we’re still resisting now.

So I am sharing some of my photos that even I haven’t seen until now. I hope they remind you why we’re fighting, and inspire you to keep on fighting, no matter how tired you get.