Remember the person from a couple of weeks ago who “took off pants and exposed anus and genitals” on the Katy Trail at night? Well at 8:15 p.m. today officals will celebrate new lights along part of the trail to prevent this very thing.
The Dallas Morning News reports that Eric Van Steenburg, executive director of Friends of the Katy Trail says the lights aren’t in response to last year’s five reported assaults, a theft and a robbery and the recent indecent exposure – all of which happened on the trail. Instead, he says they are just to allow “all people to use the trail on their schedule.”
I have a hard time believing this because all of my friends steared clear of the trail after people started getting beaten up in the area. My bet, Friends of the Katy Trail would do anything they can to make people feel safer and return the area.online for mobiсоздание sitemap онлайн