Although it’s cloudy and rainy on this election day throughout Florida, the elections in the Sunshine State are red hot. There is so much electricity in the air after weeks of hard work and a rally in the state last night with President Bill Clinton. Thousands attended the event as they prepared to vote today. Many of the rally participants grabbed yard signs and stickers in hopes of influencing their neighbors or anyone they walk past.

After traveling throughout the state, I’m pleased to have worked with so many pro-equality campaigns that have been endorsed by HRC. Within every campaign, I connected with other supporters of equality. Working to mobilize HRC members and working directly for pro-equality campaigns, I have been met with open arms at every turn.  Volunteers, some having gotten very little sleep after last night’s rally, are out canvassing and phone banking today to make sure people get out of their houses to vote.

Here in Florida, the polls close in just a few minutes. We have been hard at work for weeks and we glad to see Election Day come.

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