With the upcoming election on November 2nd, HRC members across the country are working hard to elect pro-equality candidates. Here in Florida, many HRC members are focused on electing HRC-endorsed candidate Alex Sink for Governor.

Alex Sink currently works as the state’s elected Chief Financial Officer, managing approximately 2,000 employees and an annual budget of 0 million in the Department of Financial Services.  She was also the winner of Equality Florida’s “Voice of Equality” award for the year 2009.

There is an urgency in helping elect pro-equality candidates like Alex Sink.  We cannot afford to start taking steps backwards in the progress we have made thus far. That’s why HRC members have been working the phones for her campaign. On Tuesday, 10 HRC volunteers joined an Orlando phone bank, plugging people into volunteer shifts for more phone banking and canvassing, as well as reminding them that early voting begins next Monday, October 18.

It has been amazing to see the vigor with which the LGBT community is approaching these elections, and I truly believe it foreshadows a pro-equality Sunshine State.

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