As reported in this earlier post on Instant Tea, the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund on Monday filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Rights on behalf of 17-year-old trans woman Zikerria Bellamy after she was denied a job at a McDonald’s restaurant in Orlando because she is transgender.

One of the restaurant’s managers even called and left a message on Bellamy’s voice mail, telling her she would never get a job there because “We do not hire faggots.”

Well, apparently the restaurant doesn’t hire bigots, either. 365 Gay today reported that the manager who left the message has been fired.

A spokeswoman for the restaurant told the Orlando Sentinel that the employee had “acted outside the scope of his authority and was not responsible,” adding “[McDonald’s] has a zero tolerance policy prohibiting discrimination or harassment in the restaurant.”

There was no word on what action if any had been taken against a second manager who had also refused to hire Bellamy because of her trans status.раскрутка и продвижение статьи