On the day after Hollywood’s biggest party, On Top Magazine is reporting today that Florida lawmakers are considering a $75 million package of tax credits and incentives designed to lure filmakers to the Sunshine State to make their movies. But apparently, any films with LGBT storylines need not apply.

The bill’s package of tax credits and incentives would not be available to films that exhibit “nontraditional family values.” When asked if movies with gay characters should get the tax credits, state Rep. Stephen Precourt, an Orlando Republican, said, “That would not be the kind of thing I’d say we want to invest public dollars in.”

Current Florida law makes “family-friendly” film projects — those that smoking, sex, nudity or vulgar language — eligible for a 2 percent tax credit. Precourt’s bill would up that to 5 percent. An identical bill has been introduced in the Florida Senate.продвижение сайта раскрутка увеличить