scoutsIn 2000, the Boy Scouts were quite proud of themselves when they won Boy Scouts et. al v. Dale. In that case, the organization proved it had the right to discriminate.

As a private organization, they had the right to exclude gays, atheists and anyone else they wanted. The city of San Diego had a lease with the Boy Scouts that the city council voted to extend.

Representing a lesbian couple and an atheist couple with scouting-age boys, the ACLU sued the Boy Scouts and the city. They claimed they are not a religious group — just a group that preaches “do duty to God.”

According to the Associated Press, a lower court found in favor of the couples who could not place their children in the Scouts and therefore not take advantage of something going on in a city facility.

Today, the Supreme Court, probably mindful of their 10-year-old decision finding that the group has a right to exclude, refused to hear the case.

The Boy Scouts remain booted from San Diego public property.цены продвижение сайтов