Watching Project Runway is one of my guilty pleasures. My favorite PR bloggers, Tom and Lorenzo, are normally apolitical, but they surprised me with their activist awareness in an eloquent smackdown of Jason, a contestant who whined last week about the injustice of being a straight guy “in a gay man’s world.” Here is their message to him:

Listen, asshole. When you are barred from marrying, adopting children, serving in the military, visiting your spouse in the hospital, or even joining the fucking Boy Scouts, you get the right to whine about how unfair life is. When packs of gay men go around taunting, beating and even killing straight men, you get to whine about how unfair life is. When political parties use you as both a punching bag and a fundraising tool without ever doing anything to improve your lot in life or even ensuring that you have basic civil rights, you get to whine about how unfair life is. When Tim Gunn points out your piece of shit dress is a piece of shit dress, you thank him for the critique, get back to work, and try to salvage the mess you made.

Spot on. And they were right about the dress, too. It was terrible.