Different Strokes Golf Association 10th anniversary of play swings into action

DRIVE TIME: Stu Harvel, new president of Different Strokes Golf Association, shows off his titanium Cleveland Launcher 460.

By day, Stu Harvel works at Verizon Communications as a director of corporate success. On weekends, he hits the links with Different Strokes Golf Association, which kicked off its 10th year of play last month at Stevens Park Golf Course in Oak Cliff.

A newcomer to Dallas, Harvel relocated from Los Angeles a few years ago.
And he’s been a golfer for about as long. But this year, he became president of DSGA. Different Strokes was established in ’97. Harvel says about 50 members make up its active roster. In the past the active roster has numbered more than 150 members.

Like tennis, golf is tailor made for socializing. You don’t have to be a lesbian pro like Rosie Jones or “Veronica,” the golf pro whom Patty Bouvier from “The Simpsons” was going to marry. Any un-coordinated klutz can join the fun just be willing to dress appropriately and be friendly. And while you’re getting to know the difference between putters, drivers and wedges, start learning USGA rules of golf.

From March through October, DSGA organizes two golf outings a month at local courses. Dues are $30 annually; $15 for a half-year.

This Saturday, DSGA tees off at Keeton Park Golf Course in East Dallas. Tee time begins at 10 a.m., the cost is $40. Unfortunately, Harvel won’t be golfing on Saturday at Keeton. He’s scheduled for a visit to California where he’s teaching his grandson how to play golf. Harvel says he’ll be back for DSGA’s next outing on April 21at Tenison Park Golf Course in East Dallas.

Daniel A. Kusner

Keeton Park Golf Course, 2323 N Jim Miller Road. April 7. Tee time at 10 a.m. Non-members who want to sign up and play can do so via e-mail: golf@dsgadallas.org. Non-members can play “one time” without having to pay dues. For more information, visit www.dsgadallas.org.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 6, 2007 стоимость рекламы в журналераскрутка сайта в поисковиках украине