Andrea Grimes, a former colleague of mine, wrote today on Heartless Doll what it feels like for a girl to be tapped by the label “fag hag.” Her post is more a response to Thomas Rogers over at Salon who admits, “Ladies: I’m not your gay boyfriend.” Both fun and good reads but Rogers takes on the topic like a college dissertation.

It sounds like Grimes never got to fully appreciate the girl + gay = BFF social study in her college days despite going to NYU where the odds were apparently with her. Instead she stood as an observer of other women and their pseudo-boyfriends. Grimes had her own motives.

I’m not sure why I never became one of them, apart from the fact that it’s hard for a serial monogamist to, again, have much time for someone she’s not screwing.

Hopefully Grimes didn’t forget all our special times together. Discussing Sex and the City at length, comparing man/boy crushes, enjoying haunted hay rides and lots of drinking. With all that effort, I figured I filled the void of Will to her Grace. Or was it really, vice versa?

But like she and Rogers figure at the end – ultimately, let’s just be friends. And for once, that’s meant in a good way.реклама группы вкпозиция сайта в яндексе