Former DV intern Brent Paxton, a student at SMU, has launched a YouTube channel, “Retail Junkies,” which appears to be dedicated to posing random questions to sometimes drunken revelers on the Cedar Springs strip. It’s pretty entertaining, actually, and extremely gay. I recently asked Paxton — or “B-Pax,” if you will — about the channel. Here’s what he said:

“It’s about getting the gay Dallas crowd more out there. Nothing too controversial for now… I’m just having fun meeting the wonderful LGBT crowd on Cedar Springs/Oak Lawn and getting their random thoughts on things. After my first video on Heidi Montag, I decided to do more positive things that show how fun LGBT Dallas is. It’s an amazingly fun and vibrant community. My goal is to get gay Dallas more visibility on the Internet/media.”

It’s a noble goal, indeed, so without further ado, here’s the most recent two-part episode from Paxton, in which he asks, “What’s your secret celebrity crush?”

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