teens-gay-rights2FORT WORTH — Students have long formed clubs to discuss hobbies, politics and myriad other topics that occupy a young person’s life. Add GLEE to that list, a group students formed this year at Daggett Middle School.

Members of Gay, Lesbian, Everybody Else meet on Friday mornings to talk about their feelings without worrying about being judged, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported.

“They wanted a place where they felt safe,” said Lisa Earley, a seventh-grade social studies teacher and the club’s sponsor.

The Star Telegram article says GLEE is one of about seven gay-straight organizations on Fort Worth school campuses that promotes respect of others. The Fort Worth school district has been working with students to address societal ills such as bullying/cyberbullying, sexting and teen dating violence. Much of the work centers on the district’s “It’s not okay!” initiative, which encourages young people to seek help when they are troubled.

The Daggett GLEE club gives middle school students a place to talk about the pressure of being a teen, plan activities and work with other community organizations, the article says.