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“Pastor” Donnie Romero

As marriage equality spreads and cities like Plano pass nondiscrimination ordinances, LGBT bigots are becoming more venomous.

Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth is preaching that gays should be put to death.

The website for the church does not list an address, so it’s unknown whether this is a real congregation. In a video the church released, Romero is posed at a podium against a blank wall.

“I’m not going to let these dirty faggots in my church,” he says on a video he released. “They’re all pedophiles.”

The only voices in the background is a baby’s cry and the voice of one man. Those sounds may have been added to this manufactured piece.

However, the “pastor” does seem to be threatening the lives of people and Fort Worth police have been contacted.