Fairness Fort Worth, the LGBT group formed in the wake of last June’s raid of the Rainbow Lounge, sent out a community alert last night on behalf of Sara Straten, the Police Department’s LGBT liaison officer. Last weekend, a man was found beaten to death in his vehicle a few blocks from the Rainbow Lounge, but Straten says the alert may or may not be related to that incident. We’ll have more on this shortly, but for now here’s Straten’s message in its entirety:

“FWPD is attempting to locate anyone that has been robbed, ‘rolled’ or otherwise assaulted by a WHITE MALE in the general area of Rainbow Lounge. I understand there may be community members that for one reason or another did not make a police report at the time of the offense. We NEED to talk to ANYONE who may have information on these crimes. Community members can talk to me first if they prefer, but I have a good friend who is working Homicide and has asked us for our help. This may or may not relate to current investigations that are ongoing. We need to work together on this and while I cannot discuss much at this point, I will the second that I have information that I can talk about. We just have to maintain some privacy in order to successfully prosecute when we get this investigated to its conclusion.

“Please put my [phone number] 817-475-3630 out in any way FFW deems necessary. I will return every call (or text) I get. Thank you so much for working with us on this.”

Fairness Fort Worth adds that those who don’t feel comfortable calling Straten or the police should e-mail the group at FairnessFtWorth@aol.com.mobi gameсеооптимизация