After we featured the new group Fort Worth Transgender Support on the cover of Dallas Voice, leaders with another Cowtown trans group, Trans-cendence, informed us it has started up again.

Chris Christian, the group’s co-leader, said the group was inactive for some time due to busy schedules and leadership changes. Christian first heard about the group last year after it was started by two members in June. He started becoming more involved in March and recently created a new website.

Christian said he didn’t know about Fort Worth Transgender Support, but he wants to collaborate with them on events and socials.

“The bigger the trans community is, the more support you have,” Christian said.

Christian said he found the group helpful because some groups reacted negatively to him not starting his transition yet. And while GEAR at Resource Center Dallas welcomed him with open arms, he wanted a group closer to home. He said Trans-cendence accepts everyone under the gender umbrella from cross-dressers to trans and gender-queer people.

“We welcome everyone, even people who are questioning and don’t know,” he said.

The group has 36 active members including a separate group called SOFFA, Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies, that meets next door when Trans-cendence meets. The group meets as a whole but then separates to talk about unique issues and situations that come from being a parent of or married to a trans person.

“As a unit, we support each other,” he said. “And they also have their own space to talk about being the spouse of a transgender person or family members or parents.”

The group plans to file for nonprofit status but has not done so yet, Christian said. Even though Agape Metropolitan Community Church allows the group to meet there and many members attend the church, he said the group is not affiliated with the church.

Trans-cendence is planned an event with Transgender Education Network of Texas to screen Trans on Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. The screening will be followed by a guest panel to answer questions.

Trans-cendence meets monthly on the first Tuesday at Agape Metropolitan Community Church, at 4615 E. California Parkway in Fort Worth.

For more information about Trans-cendence, go here.