FWWeeklyClick on over to this week’s issue of Fort Worth Weekly and read their in-depth article, Putting the Spurs to Cowtown, about Queer Liberaction’s impact on the community during the Rainbow Lounge debacle. The article touches on their appearance at Fort Worth City Hall,  FW LGBT leaders response to the group and background on the outspoken Blake Wilkinson. Here’s how it starts:

Most Fort Worth citizens were introduced to Queer LiberAction, a lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender activist group, on the evening news last summer. Footage of the packed July 14 city council meeting was broadcast on TV stations all over North Texas. It featured Mayor Mike Moncrief, gavel in hand, facing off against a wiry young man with long thin sideburns who wouldn’t sit down or shut up. (In the age of viral video, the entire episode was uploaded for the world to see on YouTube). Amid the mayor’s stern warnings of “Take a seat,” and “Don’t interrupt,” and “Do you want to be removed?” the young man waved a piece of paper and claimed to speak for the crowd:

“Sir, we respectfully ask to be put at the top of the agenda. We’re tired of being put at the bottom of the list. Hundreds of people are here tonight to talk about what happened at the Rainbow Lounge two weeks ago.”

The article is a decent balance of both QL and the FW community. And of course, don’t forget the comments section. They make for an added bonus.online mobileразработка сайтов google