Want to avoid a visit from your local, friendly enumerator and save the government money? Send in your damn census form.

Census BureauIt’s fast. (10 simple questions like … your name)

It’s easy. (10 simple questions like … your name)

It’s mandated by the constitution (for all you conspiracy theorists who are sure there are ulterior motives. If there are, Jefferson and Madison are the enemies of homeland security in this case)

It’s going to happen, whether you decide to participate or not. If you decide not to, an enumerator will come knocking at your door. And when you don’t answer, he or she will come again and again and again and again and again and again. Seven times. And then start knocking on your neighbors’ doors and ask questions about your household. Now THAT’S annoying and invasive and intrusive and a waste of time and money.

So send it in by this weekend and comply with the U.S. constitution. No information about individuals can be shared with other agencies. Not immigration. Not the IRS. No one. Just raw data will be released.

Oh, and if you want to be counted as a gay or lesbian couple, mark “married” or “unmarried partners.” You’ll be counted when both of you answer one of those difficult questions (Sex: __M or __F) as both the same.siteпр и тиц