For all you small dog parents, you might consider treating your little fuzzy one to a dining event tomorrow. One dog food company will be offering complimentary meals doggie bistro style. It’s called the Share the Love Initiative where the new product is sampled throughout the country and makes a few stops in the area. The dog entrees are “restaurant inspired” and full of healthy ingredients like spinach, tomatoes and orzo. Free food for the dog is great but get a load of the actual goings-on.

The dining experience sounds like something you’d find at The Grape. Only this is for dogs. The “intimate bistro dining experience” includes “small-dog sized tables and chairs, miniature menus and even a centerpiece for the table!  Wait staff will distribute complimentary samples of the entrees on collectible dining dishes that patrons can take home, while supplies last.” Fancy.

Share the Love happens the next few Saturdays until Oct. 10. at the following parks
Sat., Aug. 29 at Fort Woof Dog Park
Sat., Sept. 5 at Central Bark Grand Prairie Dog Park
Sat., Sept. 26 at Griggs Park
Sat., Oct. 3 at Dog Park / Jack Carter Park
Sat., Oct. 10 at Fort Woof Dog Park.

Doggie dining is from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. at the Deep Ellum Dog Park at Good Latimer and Commerce. No reservations required.интернет объявлениястудия раскрутки сайтов